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As a future student, this site provides information and updates on services and facilities, and enables us to keep in touch with you throughout your application process, and you with us.

We have a wide range of full-time, part-time and Apprenticeship courses available, so that you can achieve the qualifications and work experience you need through whichever method of study suits you best.

Our fingers are crossed that you obtain the grades required to join a course. We are committed to providing advice to assist you to fulfil your aspirations. Please contact us if you would like further assistance e.g. if you do not achieve the required grades for the course we offer you or if your grades are higher and you would like to be considered for another course.

Discover a brand new way of learning at North Hertfordshire College

At NHC we are on a journey to transform the way that our courses are delivered. We know that our students achieve fantastic success rates, however it is imperative that they also leave college with the range of skills and experiences required to enter today’s competitive employment market.

We undertook significant research with local businesses to confirm our thinking that students need to have skills like questioning and problem solving, communicating effectively with different people, creativity and developing ideas, as well as the specialist subject knowledge that they learn on their chosen course.

We call these the expert student skills, and to make sure that our students gain all of these skills we are changing our curriculum to be project based instead of unit based. This means that our courses are delivered through students undertaking a series of projects, which cover all the elements required to achieve their qualification as well as all the expert student skills.

Work placements and project based learning is part of a student's learning experience at NHC, it isn't an extra!

Along with gaining expert student skills, students need be ready for the world of work. To prepare students for this, each course area will facilitate workshops and master classes from experts within the industry, and to undertake work related learning, whether that’s as an external work placement or within our commercial learning environments here at college. We also offer our students the opportunity to take part in national competitions against other colleges, to go on trips, and to plan their own events, all of which form part of their curriculum and cover different aspects of their qualification.

  • 3d Learning

    With all these different projects and activities happening, we wanted our students to take responsibility for their learning and to be able to track their progress throughout their course. To do this we developed 3d Learning and the Personal Development Passport, our online teaching and learning tool.

    By using 3d Learning and the Personal Development Passport, our tutors are able to upload the different elements and learning aims of the projects that the students will be working on as well as tracking each individual student’s progress. Tutors can upload teaching resources and students can upload their work, which means that all the information that the students and tutors need is all in one place, and students can see their progress and what they need to achieve to reach their destination.

  • The Delivery Team

    In order for our students succeed, they need support to plan their next steps after college. This support comes in the shape of a Delivery Team; so as well as their subject tutors, our students have regular one-to-one sessions with their learning coach who can help them plan and achieve their goals, whether that’s finding employment, progressing onto a higher level course at college or studying at university.

    Our new Delivery Team arrangement seeks to create additional positions around the tutor-to-student dynamic. Tutors will be in place to deliver course information and learning aims, and this is usually based in a classroom setting. In addition, students will be assigned a Learning Coach. The Learning Coach will work with students on a more day-to-day basis, ensuring that students are keeping up-to-date with work, and to help overcome any problems faced by the course material.

  • Timetable and mentoring

    Green Weeks
    Throughout the academic year, there are three Green Weeks set aside for students to focus on their projects or acquire additional work experience. Green Weeks, which may also include trips and attending employer events, are usually placed at the end of each term and give students the opportunity to work outside of their normal timetable. Each student's activities in Green Week are likely to be different, and students are encouraged to embrace new experience and opportunities.

    Student Mentoring
    As part of project based learning, students that are studying at a higher level in a course area are expected to mentor students studying at a lower level. This ensures that recently acquired knowledge can be passed on to aid the study of a lower level student, but also so that the higher level student can develop leadership and team building skills.